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mati XS pendant


‘’Mati’’ is one of our most popular collections of charms, made of bronze or aluminum which you can find it in a wide variety of colors and sizes in our exhibition room. “Mati” bears a symbolic shape that is believed to have the power to protect from jealousy and negative energy and it recalls the ancient Greek periapts (small pendant charms).

In our collection we have combined the aesthetic and tradition of the eye symbol with a postmodern version, trying to highlight its dynamic of coherent logic (prevention or precaution) in daily entity. Mainly we created a collection capable to find its place as a personal object.

“Mati” collection is available in a variety of materials and colors.
Materials: bronze and silver
Size: h1.7cm
Colors: white – blue, white – turquoise, white – veraman, white – pink and more.

Our e-shop products are available upon request.
10-20 business days are needed for the creation of the product and its delivery in Greece. In different cases please advise our shipping policy.

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