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fish XS pin


“Fish” collection has similar philosophy to “Mati” Collection. The idea lays on lucky charms. Here, we have created a modern version of lucky charms based on fish’s shape. Fish as a symbol has many interpretations from the ancient to the modern world.

In our collection, it is used with the meaning of freedom and power.
“Fish” – a symbol of life that belongs to the bottom of the sea, i.e. at the depth of every human soul.

“Fish” collection is available in a variety of materials, sizes and colors.
Materials: Bronze and silver
Sizes: xs: 3cm
Colors: blue, turquoise, pink, white, black

For your custom choice please advise the photo-guide.
Our e-shop products are available upon request.
10-20 business days are needed for the creation of the product and its delivery in Greece. In different cases please advise our shipping policy.

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